Endorsements for Dalal’s street

Dalal’s Street Front Cover

This is the Indian equivalent of the iconic Liars Poker that gives an inside view of the stock market game!Manish Chokhani (Dalal Street Veteran)
Very informative….a must read for retail investorsRajeev Agarwal (Former whole time member, SEBI)
The plot moves fast and the characters are well etched as they respond differently to the manipulations in the firm and the lure of sudden riches. A thoroughly engrossing and entertaining readAmitabh Pandey (Civil servant and crime fiction writer)
A compelling readVish Dhamija (British Indian crime fiction writer)
An inside view of lives on the roulette wheel called the Mumbai stock marketAnkush Saikia (Crime thriller writer, Author of The Girl from Nongrim Hills; Dead Meat)