Untangle the web of greed and deceit that mire the art world
A ruthless banker who knows no boundaries
A fiercely competitive art dealer who will defend her turf at all costs
A disillusioned artist obsessed with his Master
A successful industrialist who craves for social acceptance
A self-righteous expert who despises the commercialisation of the art world…

When Jay Malhotra, a banker, sets out to manipulate the unregulated art market of the Navaratnas i.e. the nine artists who were declared as national treasures, he unknowingly sets into motion a chain of events that have the potential to destroy the very foundation of the art industry in India.

Set against the backdrop of the transformation of the art society in India into an industry, KALAYUG follows the struggles and exploits of Jay, as he navigates through the mercurial world of art, dominated by its nexus of powerful dealers, experts and gallery owners. With a 360 degree overview of this now booming industry, KALAYUG is a fast paced thriller that will leave you wanting more.

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A preview of Chapter 1 of Kalayug
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